Broderick Saleen Obtains $5.15 Million Verdict in Revenge Porn Case

Defendant Secretly Recorded Sexual Encounter, Then Posted Photos on Facebook Broderick Saleen Law Firm obtained a unanimous $5.15 million verdict in Monterey County for a female revenge porn victim. Here is a link to the news story that aired about the case: USA Today and other news media also ran stories covering the groundbreaking  Read More …

11 Common Mistakes of Sexual Harassment Victims

You know you’ve been harassed and it’s time to take action. Your next steps could have important consequences for your sexual harassment case. Educate yourself and preserve the integrity of your sexual harassment case. Click through the links below to our articles and videos detailing some of the common mistakes that sexual harassment victims make and explaining  Read More …

How To Use Personal Strengths to Fight Sexual Harassment

Determine your top five character strengths and how to use them to overcome and cope with the effects of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can create an offensive work environment, leaving victims feeling fear, guilt or shame—but they are far from helpless in overcoming and coping with the effects of harassment. Get informed, determine  Read More …

June Supreme Court Decisions and Kavanaugh’s Impact

For someone interested in the Supreme Court of the United States, there is no month more exciting than June. This is when the Supreme Court’s term is about to end and the Justices put out as many opinions as they can before their recess begins. This year, the Justices put out a flurry of opinions  Read More …

Internet Companies Fighting Against New York’s Anti-Revenge Porn Bill

A bill that was introduced in 2013 to target revenge porn in New York has died. As of June 20, 2018, the bill had passed through the Assembly, awaiting Senate approval. On June 21, 2018, the bill died after the Senate adjourned for the year and took no action. The bill would have made nonconsensual  Read More …

Verdict Rewards Plaintiffs Receiving Medical Care on Lien-Basis

A recent verdict in favor of the plaintiff in Pebley v. Santa Clara Organics, LLC (2nd District Case No. B277893) is significant in that it addressed major issues litigated following the verdict in Howell v. Hamilton Meats (2011). In Howell, the court determined that plaintiff could recover in damages the amounts her insurer paid for  Read More …

Intentional Act by Employee Now Covered by Employer’s Insurance

In Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation v. Ledesma & Meyer Construction Company, Inc. (2018), an employee hired by his brother-in-law, the owner of the school, raped a minor while employed by the school. The employee was hired despite being on the sex offender registry. The court held that when an employee intentionally inflicts harm on a  Read More …

Summer Jobs in the Context of #MeToo

As the first summer approaches since the #MeToo movement began, many teenagers and their parents are considering the possibility of teens facing sexual harassment in the workplace. Specifically, they are concerned about sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Restaurants are the nation’s largest employer for teenagers and the first job for one in three Americans.  Read More …

Workers: Independent Contractors or Employees?

The California Supreme Court held a difficult standard for employers to claim that workers are independent contractors, as opposed to employees. Unless the hiring entity establishes (A) that the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the  Read More …

DNA Database and Privacy Issues

The alleged Golden State Killer was found through the use of a public genealogy website, which now raises questions about the use of DNA information for law enforcement purposes. The site that was used, GEDMatch, has users upload their genetic information to an online database that is searchable by other users, thereby allowing people to  Read More …

Increased Facebook Usage Correlates to Decreased Well-Being

A study recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that increased use of Facebook leads to decreased personal satisfaction. The study’s researchers monitored 5,208 adult users and gathered information between 2013 and 2015 about their use of Facebook, health, and social lives. Facebook issued a response to the study by citing an earlier  Read More …

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A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment for California – Attorney Timothy Broderick

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California Fair Pay Act Touts Strongest Equal-Pay Protection in Nation

By Employment Lawyers Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen The California Fair Pay Act, which became effective January 1, 2016, touts the strongest equal-pay protection in the nation. The Act attempts to address long standing gender pay disparity. According to statistics relied upon by the California Legislature in passing the act, in 2014, a woman working  Read More …

Advice for Sexual Harassment Victims | Lawyer Timothy B. Broderick

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Overview of Sexual Harassment-Related Claims – Lawyer Timothy Broderick

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Employee Classification Controversy

By Timothy Broderick, Attorney at Broderick Saleen Law Firm A current class action suit in San Francisco urges the court to declare that drivers for Uber are employees, as opposed to independent contractors. A controversy has arisen as to whether employees in companies like Uber and its rival Lyft should treat the drivers as employees  Read More …

California Fair Pay Act Will Help Women

By Timothy Broderick, Lawyer at Broderick Saleen Law Firm In 1963, President John K. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, which bars employers from paying employees of one sex wages that are lower than those paid to a different sex doing the same work. In October, 2015, the Governor of California signed the California Fair  Read More …

Are Counselors Bound to Report Sexual Harassment Incidents on Campus under Title IX?

By Timothy Broderick, Lawyer at Broderick Saleen Law Firm Confidential communications with bona fide psychological counselors are protected under the university policy as well as under the ethical rules of confidentiality for psychologists.

Confidentiality for a Potential Title IX Claim is Not Guaranteed

By Timothy Broderick, Attorney at Broderick Saleen Law Firm If a victim of sexual harassment at a university such as Stanford requests confidentiality in making a report of sexual harassment, the university will give “serious consideration” to the request.