DNA Database and Privacy Issues

The alleged Golden State Killer was found through the use of a public genealogy website, which now raises questions about the use of DNA information for law enforcement purposes.
The site that was used, GEDMatch, has users upload their genetic information to an online database that is searchable by other users, thereby allowing people to find blood relatives based on shared genetic traits. In the case of the alleged Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, investigators found a relative of the suspect online, then looked at the family trees available on the database to narrow their search.
An issue presented with this case is the use of nonstate-owned DNA database to find potential suspects. These familial searches are useful for law enforcement. However, they are also controversial because they help authorities identify people who would not have been suspects otherwise. Relatives of those who shared information on DNA sites may not have consented to reveal this kind of data.
In light of the DeAngelo case, users can choose to delete their uploaded data. While the purpose of these sites is genealogy research, the reality is that most people do not understand the other risks associated with using these sites, including future implications that do not yet exist.