Stanford Students Criticize University’s Handling of Sexual Assault Complaints

Stanforrd Sexual Harassment LawyerA symposium at Stanford University recently focused on the complaints of the victims of sexual assault on university campuses. Victims claim that Stanford is more concerned about the rights and protection of the assaulting parties than it is for the victims of sexual assault on campus.

At the symposium, Congresswoman Jackie Speire discussed her pending bill called the Hold Accountable and Lend Transparency, or HALT, Campus Sexual Violence Act, which would require universities to reveal investigations and findings, as well as execute annual climate surveys on any university campus that receives federal funding. This would increase the transparency surrounding sexual assault on campus and strengthen enforcement of current legislation, such as Title IX. Title IX provides a financial strings attached mandate for universities to provide forms for the hearing of the complaints and assaults and for the appropriate disciplinary action against perpetrators.

Although universities are being held more accountable for the violence and sexual assaults their students have been exposed to, without increased and widespread enforcement of protective measures and complaints against sexual assault, women will not be able to achieve educational equality with men.


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