Internet Defamation

The law of Internet Defamation prohibits people from posting false posts on the internet which cause damages to a person’s reputation.

Examples of internet defamation include false and embarrassing Facebook and Twitter posts, blog posts, and emails. Internet defamation also includes false comments posted on review sites such as Yelp.

Unfortunately, it takes only a small amount of time and effort to post defamatory comments on the internet that quickly rank high on search engines and can reek havoc on your reputation.  If you have suffered from online defamation, contact lawyers at Broderick Saleen right away to discuss your case with an experienced online defamation attorney.  Internet defamation attorneys at Broderick & Saleen offer an initial courtesy consultation, call our attorneys at (650) 857-9000 for our Palo Alto internet defamation office or at (916) 550-3092 for our Sacramento internet defamation law office.

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